In today’s virtual workplace, it’s never been more important to put your best face forward. When presenting online, the old adage applies: it’s about location, location, location. Here are three tips to help you choose the best location for online presentations. Below is a re-post from an exciting new venture

Logo for Ami Chien Services

A Friend for Your Best Friend

We were really lucky to discover Eric from Ami Chien Services. We like to travel and needed someone who would stay home with our lovely if sometimes demanding dog. She doesn’t like to sleep alone, and sharing a bed with her?  It can be a challenge to not fall out

Judy Okten from Bonju takes us the the making of a Luscious Life green smoothie

The Secret to a Luscious Life

An entrepreneurial wave has washed over the Swiss Romande these past 5 years, with newly sprung innovators starting businesses not only from a drive to create but from personal passion.  These inspired entrepreneurs are not just building businesses; they are trying to make the world a better place. This creative

Monica from Atelier de Danse Orientale

Can Eastern Dance Contribute to Your Health and Happiness?

Before I met Monica Gayed, founder of Atelier de Danse Orientale by Monica,  my understanding of what is often called belly dancing was informed by an album I discovered when I was 8 years-old buried in my parents record collection. The record was called “How to Belly Dance for Your Husband”.

Business people walking

Top 10 Countries with the Best Walkers

Countries Where People Take the Most Steps Each Day In what is the largest data set yet, researchers studied 717,527 people in 111 countries to determine the level of physical activity across the globe. The large sample size is thanks to smartphones and their built-in step counters, whose prevalence allowed

Stands and crowds at the Geneva Street Food Festival, June 2017

Taking It to the Streets

Geneva Street Food Festival June 9, 10, 11, 2017. Now coming up on it’s two year anniversary, this celebration of street eats is not to be missed. If you did miss this edition, not to worry.  It will be back this fall. Watch for the dates. And check out the

4 young people give a toast on Christmas Eve over the tag line Swiss Sauce

One Out of Every Two People in Switzerland Will Eat Fondue Chinoise this Year at Christmas

One out of every two people in Switzerland will eat Fondue Chinoise this year at Christmas. How did this unique take on Chinese Hot Pot become a Swiss national tradition?

A smiling spoon among regular spoons. Standing out from the crowd. Concept restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Restaurants all over the world are bringing us concept dining, and apparently Switzerland is no different. In fact, according to Le Temp not only are concept restaurants popping up everywhere in the Suisse Romande, they are rapidly expanding into chains.

Lunchtime in Geneva at Place Molard. A young woman reacts.

Lunch in Geneva: Is it possible to eat for less than 20 francs in this town?

Yes lunchtime is an expensive affair in Geneva, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. In round two of Lunchtime in Genève we look at lunch with dessert. And yes, believe it or not, it is possible.

The 12 Most Popular Travel Destinations from the Geneva Airport 2006-2015

Come Fly with Me

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the best thing about Geneva is how easy it is to get away, but it is certainly a plus. Geneva has an airport that offers incredible connectivity compared to other cities of its size. In 2015 the airport serviced 142 direct flights to destinations in Europe and beyond. Where is everyone going?

Ma Vie de Courgette a.k.a. My Life as a Zucchini

Ma Vie de Courgette a.k.a. My Life as a Zucchini. This poignant animated film from Switzerland is on its way to being an Oscar contenderMy Life as a Zucchini was a stop-motion dream 10 years in the making for it’s director Claude Barras. Now his first feature, based on a novel be Gilles Paris, is the official Swiss submission for a Best Foreign language Oscar and may be up for a Best Animated Feature.

The exterior of the American Market in Geneva

What Does Home Taste Like?

What does home taste like? 8 things you can find at the American store in Geneva.

A selection of beers from the Genevan artisanal brewery Brasserie des Murailles

October is beer

On the last day of September the sunshine was brillant, the sky was intensively blue, and there was just the slightest hint of an autumn breeze. Riding my bike up from the lake and down Rue Montchoisy, I pedalled past Tom Beers, a store which opened this past year and has a wide selection of beer, and I immediately thought about, well, beer. The next day was the first day of October. With Oktoberfest already underway, not to mention the upcoming Geneva Beer Festival on October 21st and 22nd, I decided to stop and get some recommendations. I wanted something really local.

It’s already 5pm Geneva. C’est deja 17h Genève.

It’s already 5pm Geneva. C’est deja 17h Genève. #genevaat5pm #geneveà17h

Désalpes in St. Cergue. Cows walk through the centre of town.

Désalpe 2016 St. Cergue

Let’s face it. The Désalpe festival in St. Cergue is for tourists, or at least for expats. Between the scolding British mother extolling the virtues of sharing ones’ Haribo candy with ones’ little sister at 10:30AM, and the nerdy young American guy enthusiastically proclaiming that this was the very first time he’d been drunk at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, there was a lot of English spoken in St. Cergue last Saturday. Amidst the cows, the cheese, the wine and the log tossing, there was also a lot of local pride. Why shouldn’t there be? There is no better place in the world to be a cow than in Switzerland.

Quote by Robert Doisneau: The marvels of daily life are so exciting, no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street. Text of black and white photo of a city street.

Stealing Kisses in Geneva

5 Instagramers you need to follow. These 5 Instagram accounts offer original perspectives of these city streets. This is Geneva outside the brochures.

Image of a food truck with the tag Street Eats in Geneva

Geneva Food Trucks – Round Two

There’s always time for lunch Geneva
Find out where you need to go next week to eat on the street. Here’s a rundown of the 10 “official” food trucks and a quick look at what’s on offer at these and the other 15 trucks that roam these city streets.

You Say Apéro I Say Aperol

As we roll into the last two weeks of August, and vacationers return filling Geneva’s deserted summer streets with people once again, there is no better way to draw out the last days of summer than with that quintessential of patio drinks – the Aperol Spritz.

#igersgeneva exhibition at Found Concept Store in Geneva

Have You Checked Out the Hashtag #igersgeneva?

This is the hashtag for the biggest community of Instagramers in Switzerland, who also happen to have an exhibition from now until August 30th at the concept store Foound.

Geneva’s Expensive, Right? What Are You Going to Do About It?

Ah Geneva. A city where complaining about what something cost is a lively sport for newcomers. Luckily there are options that won’t make you go broke.

Geneva Resident Population by Origin and Nationality. Statistics.

International Geneva – Where Do We Come From?

Geneva is certainly a global city and 41% of the cantons residents are of foreign origin or of other nationalities. Did you know just over half of all Geneva’s foreign residents come from only 4 countries? Can you guess what they are? How does Geneva compare to other cosmopolitan cities?

In the Beginning there was Lunch

It`s official. Geneva has embraced the food truck. What are your plans for lunch this week Genève?

Weekly food truck Calendar for Geneva

What’s for Lunch Geneva?

What are your plans for lunch next week Geneva? Find out where to go.

Café à Gogo – Meet the Third Wave

A coffee to go isn’t very European, and yet there are eight Starbucks in Geneva. In fact Switzerland has one of the highest number of Starbucks per capita in Europe. Now get ready for the third wave!

What is cafe renversé

Renversé? Qu’est-ce que c’est?

In the Suisse Romande, otherwise know as the French-speaking part of Switzerland, there is an original take on coffee and steamed milk. Hint: it may have to do with all that delicious Swiss milk originating from it’s alpine pastures.

Lunchtime in Geneva at Place Molard. A young woman reacts.

Lunchtime in Genève (How to Eat Lunch for under 20 francs)

When a simple plat du jour starts at 20 francs is it possible to eat lunch for any less in this city? It’s a challenge but thankfully there is a way Geneva.

Vive la Langue Française

Learning a new language is hard and humbling. If you’re taking intensive french classes 5 days a week, you might as well be back in primary school so be prepared to regress.

How do Swiss Women Stay so Thin?

Learning a new language is hard and humbling. If you’re taking intensive french classes 5 days a week, you might as well be back in primary school so be prepared to regress.

The Best Bircher Muesli Recipe is all about the fruit

The Best Bircher Muesli

Here’s a recipe inspired by elements from both the original and the award winning combination from the Hotel Kempinski in Geneva.

swiss chocolate bunnies

No Bunny Business?

High cocoa costs may have caused a jump in the price of your chocolate bunny this year, but there is some sweet value to be found in Geneva.

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