The Secret to a Luscious Life

Judy Okten from Bonju takes us the the making of a Luscious Life green smoothie

An entrepreneurial wave has washed over the Swiss Romande these past 5 years, with newly sprung innovators starting businesses not only from a drive to create but from personal passion.  These inspired entrepreneurs are not just building businesses; they are trying to make the world a better place.

This creative spirit sparkled when I sat down with Judy Okten from Bonju to discover what led her to start her popular green smoothie company.  The advice she offered to would-be entrepreneurs both surprised and inspired me.

Judy’s journey to discovery isn’t unique. Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes, and after feeling inexplicably tired after the birth of her first child she stumbled onto the reason why.

Judy Okten from Bonju explains the concept behind her green smoothies.

Once she discovered that leafy greens were the super food that, by aiding digestion, gave you energy and a healthy glow, she had a problem to solve. Yes leafy greens are really, really good for you, but let’s face it.  It’s hard to eat a lot of salad every day (I’ve tried).  Judy knew leafy greens were good for people. She just needed to figure out a way to make it easier to get them into a daily diet.  This she says started a movement for her.

Judy from Bonju talks about her inspiration

Knowing that she wanted to energize the world through the power of greens, she tested her idea and starting small, working with a few clients from her home, she was ready to take the plunge. Business plan in hand, she was off on a new path. What advice would she offer other would-be entrepreneurs?

Judy’s advice – DON’T SIT IN YOUR HEAD
Judy’s Advice
  1. Figure out what is important to you.
  2. Come up with an idea of how to express that.
  3. Just do it. Test it on a low budget.
  4. Don’t sit in your head.

Oh and the green smoothies are delicious. With 2 servings of leafy greens for a total of 4 daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, one 500ml smoothie can replace a meal.  Here is that promised secret to a Luscious Life – a Luscious Life green smoothie that is.

Behind the Scenes at Bonju

The smoothies can be found at Manor, Boreal Coffee or ElSalad.  Or order them online for delivery or pickup.

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