Jennifer MacLeod


Jennifer MacLeod always liked the Tolstoy quote, where he says all great stories are about one of two things; someone going on a journey or someone coming to town.  She may have taken this too literally when she moved from Canada to Switzerland, but she’ll do anything for a good story.

Once upon a time, Jennifer was working in Toronto in the film and television industry. For more than a decade she managed video and audio production for domestic, US and international markets. She loved it and believes there is nothing better than collaborating with creative people to deliver engaging content. So why did she leave?

Flip to the west coast chapter. Moving to Vancouver provided a whole new adventure. Jennifer met some incredible people and became part of a video production start-up, an opportunity that remains a professional highlight for her. It was challenging but the company’s success was exhilarating, and sharing that experience with a talented team made it all the better.

In 2014,  Jennifer jumped at the chance to live in Geneva as she now took challenge and new partnerships as the welcome  consequence of moving. She is back behind the camera, in the editing chair and producing video content and audio podcasts. Most importantly though, she continues to follow her love of good stories and her passion for digital storytelling.

selected credits
Posters for Where the Truth Lies, Foolproof and Saint Ralph
Posters for The Haunting Hour, Oil Sands Karaoke and Sold.

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