Geneva Food Trucks – Round Two

Image of a food truck with the tag Street Eats in Geneva

There’s always time for lunch Geneva

Find out where you need to go next week to eat on the street.  Here’s a rundown of the 10 “official” food trucks and a quick look at what’s on offer at these and the other 15 trucks that roam these city streets.

With at least 25 food trucks in Geneva, one doesn’t worry about a lack of options.  It must be said though that the hamburger remains a dominate force with six trucks serving up beef patties on buns.  Infographic showing the dominance of Burgers as a food truck option in Geneva with Sandwiches or wraps coming in second

The sandwich or wrap is heavily represented in second place followed by a healthy supply of burritos and tacos.  Equal in number to the trucks with Mexican inspired offerings, some trucks  steer towards the more gastronomic option of plat du jours.  Here you can find roast salmon, curry chicken, shrimp or pasta, but never doubt that the burger reigns.

Check out the calendar for next week

Geneva Food Truck Calendar

And here’s where to find them

These are the ten official trucks

Brooklyn Kitchen

Brooklyn Kitchen was the dream of two friends with a passion for street food and things American.  Sourcing local produce, they serve up burgers and tacos in their vintage Air Stream caravan.

Debi’s Kitchen

Debi embraces the concept of slow food cooked fast.  Her asian inspired plat du jours are all homemade with local produce.


ElSalad offers a seasonal menu of salads in bowls or wraps, made each day with ingredients delivered fresh that morning.

Funky BBQ

Two American friends offer regional BBQ styles from the U.S., serving slow-smoked Swiss meat with authentic sides like mac & cheese.

The Gentleman Lobster

The lobster roll is an unusual find in Geneva.  Here it is served on brioche style bread and either prepared traditionally or with homemade guacamole (!) or even yes a burger (!).

The Hamburger Foundation

The Hamburger Foundation was started by three childhood friends who made it their aim to create the best possible burger and by doing so make it their mission to save the hamburger from the world of junk food.

Mister Fabrizio

After 19 years of panini making  Mister Fabrizio may know a thing or two about making sandwiches and offers a wide assortment made exclusively with local produce.

Nero’s Pizza

The guys at Nero’s Pizza worked for 2 years to discover what makes the best Roman sliced pizza. After much testing of doughs, toppings and cooking temperatures, now they serve up their results.

Truck F

Truck F offers specials inspired from around the world and promises a gourmet experience that lets you enjoy the outdoors during your lunchtime.

Urban Gastronomy

Urban Gastronomy aims to bring a gastronomic experience to the streets.  Lunch boxes feature an entrée, plat and dessert for 20 francs.