Top 10 Countries with the Best Walkers

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Countries Where People Take the Most Steps Each Day

In what is the largest data set yet, researchers studied 717,527 people in 111 countries to determine the level of physical activity across the globe. The large sample size is thanks to smartphones and their built-in step counters, whose prevalence allowed the Stanford researchers to measure physical activity on a global scale.

Here are the ten countries where people on average take the most steps each day

This study contrasts earlier pedometer tests made by individual countries, where methodology often varied. Earlier national studies showed the Swiss taking on average 9,650 steps per day, just behind the Australians who were taking, on average, 9,695 steps daily. Switzerland has nonetheless made it into the top 10 of step-takers worldwide, which is significant.

Walking is a key to a healthy life.  According to WHO “inactivity is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. ” Walking on the other hand can help prevent disease and improve mental health.

How many steps have you taken today?

5 ways to improve your step count
  1. Set reminders that tell you to get up and move
  2. Get off the bus/tram one stop early
  3. Get a step counter and set goals
  4. Walk with a friend, instead of having a coffee
  5. Take the stairs