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The 12 Most Popular Travel Destinations from the Geneva Airport 2006-2015

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the best thing about Geneva is how easy it is to get away, but it is certainly a plus.  Geneva’s airport offers incredible connectivity compared to other airports in cities of its size.  In 2015 the airport serviced direct flights to 142 destinations in Europe and beyond.  Where is everyone going?


Top Twelve Destinations by Country 2006-2015


Top Twelve City Destinations in 2015
with flying time

  1. London…..1h30m

  2. Paris…..1h10m
  3. Amsterdam…..1h40m
  4. Brussels…..1h15m
  5. Barcelona…..1h25m
  6. Porto…..2h15m
  7. Lisbon…..2h35m
  8. Madrid…..2h
  9. Zurich…..45m
  10. Nice…..1h
  11. Frankfurt…..1h20m
  12. Rome…..1h30m

Where are you going this weekend Geneva?