Stealing Kisses in Geneva

Quote by Robert Doisneau: The marvels of daily life are so exciting, no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street. Text of black and white photo of a city street.

5 Instagramers you need to follow

These 5 Instagram accounts offer original perspectives of these city streets.  This is Geneva outside the brochures.  

French photographer Robert Doisneau found inspiration in the streets and neighbourhoods of Paris, where he turned his lens to the everyday. A pioneer of photo journalism, his photos combined playfulness, poetry and an astute humanism.

It was another French master of street photography, one of THE masters, Henri Cartier-Bresson, who saw photography as a way of capturing that decisive moment. Street photography finds spontaneous interactions and unmediated pauses and preserves them in frame. The photographer is as unseen as she is intrusive. It is not an easy thing to get as close as you need to be to someone else’s moment and capture it artfully, approaching on tips toes but not lurking. It’s a lot of intuition.

Photo of Le Baiser De l'Hotel de Ville
Le Baiser De l’Hotel de Ville                                                            – Robert Doisneau

Doisneau’s most famous photograph, Le Baiser De l’Hotel de Ville, that passionate Parisian kiss, published in Life magazine in 1950, turned out to be a staged recreation of an earlier kiss, but that hasn’t changed Robert Doisneau’s legacy of  capturing the spirit of a place through the people who live there. That there can be art in candidness is thanks to the eyes and heart of the observer. It’s knowing when to click.

Instagram and street photography seem like a perfect match.  Moments captured and shared possibly within seconds. These 5 Instagramers capture Geneva in images not seen in tourism brochures. It’s not for nothing @thenmh has 14.5k followers and @Tchoupomoting has 10.3k.

5 Instagramers to follow in Geneva
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Instagram photos by @thenmh

Instagram photos from @Tchoupomoting

Instagram photos by @sydfloyd77

Instagram photos from @anfrajr



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