Judy Okten from Bonju takes us the the making of a Luscious Life green smoothie

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Judy Okten from Bonju takes us the the making of a Luscious Life green smoothie

The Secret to a Luscious Life

An entrepreneurial wave has washed over the Swiss Romande these past 5 years, with newly sprung innovators starting businesses not only from a drive to create but from personal passion.  These inspired entrepreneurs are not just building businesses; they are trying to make the world a better place. This creative

Monica from Atelier de Danse Orientale

Can Eastern Dance Contribute to Your Health and Happiness?

Before I met Monica Gayed, founder of Atelier de Danse Orientale by Monica,  my understanding of what is often called belly dancing was informed by an album I discovered when I was 8 years-old buried in my parents record collection. The record was called “How to Belly Dance for Your Husband”.

Business people walking

Top 10 Countries with the Best Walkers

Countries Where People Take the Most Steps Each Day In what is the largest data set yet, researchers studied 717,527 people in 111 countries to determine the level of physical activity across the globe. The large sample size is thanks to smartphones and their built-in step counters, whose prevalence allowed

How do Swiss Women Stay so Thin?

Learning a new language is hard and humbling. If you’re taking intensive french classes 5 days a week, you might as well be back in primary school so be prepared to regress.

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