4 young people give a toast on Christmas Eve over the tag line Swiss Sauce


4 young people give a toast on Christmas Eve over the tag line Swiss Sauce

One Out of Every Two People in Switzerland Will Eat Fondue Chinoise this Year at Christmas

One out of every two people in Switzerland will eat Fondue Chinoise this year at Christmas. How did this unique take on Chinese Hot Pot become a Swiss national tradition?

Désalpes in St. Cergue. Cows walk through the centre of town.

Désalpe 2016 St. Cergue

Let’s face it. The Désalpe festival in St. Cergue is for tourists, or at least for expats. Between the scolding British mother extolling the virtues of sharing ones’ Haribo candy with ones’ little sister at 10:30AM, and the nerdy young American guy enthusiastically proclaiming that this was the very first time he’d been drunk at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, there was a lot of English spoken in St. Cergue last Saturday. Amidst the cows, the cheese, the wine and the log tossing, there was also a lot of local pride. Why shouldn’t there be? There is no better place in the world to be a cow than in Switzerland.

What is cafe renversé

Renversé? Qu’est-ce que c’est?

In the Suisse Romande, otherwise know as the French-speaking part of Switzerland, there is an original take on coffee and steamed milk. Hint: it may have to do with all that delicious Swiss milk originating from it’s alpine pastures.

How do Swiss Women Stay so Thin?

Learning a new language is hard and humbling. If you’re taking intensive french classes 5 days a week, you might as well be back in primary school so be prepared to regress.

The Best Bircher Muesli Recipe is all about the fruit

The Best Bircher Muesli

Here’s a recipe inspired by elements from both the original and the award winning combination from the Hotel Kempinski in Geneva.

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