No Bunny Business?

swiss chocolate bunnies

High cocoa costs may have caused a jump in the price of your chocolate bunny this year, but there is some sweet value to be found in Geneva.

You really will lick the windows as you <<faites du lèche-vitrines>> along rue du Marché. If paying more than 20 francs for a bunny is a little pricey, Coop offers a selection of chocolaty rabbits for under 10 francs that are certified by the fair-trade cocoa program. In this town it really is difficult to find chocolate that is not superbly delicious.

A graphic showing the different prices of chocolate easter bunnies in Geneva

Here`s a list of four chocolatiers who are among the best in the city and all within a short walking distance from one another.   Start at Läberach on Rue du Marché and continue walking east along the high street for a little walking tour of Swiss chocolate.

  1. Läderach

    Rue du Marché 5

    Läderach was founded in 1962 in the Canton of Glarus and has it`s roots in the Swiss German part of the country. The Frischokolade is not to be missed and hard not to miss. Walking into the store on Rue du Marché, you are struck by the gigantic slabs of nuts and chocolate and their many inspired combinations.

  2. Martel

    Rue de la Croix-d'Or 4

    Martel opened its first location in Carouge in 1818. While it offers some truly remarkable Easter eggs for the holiday season, the pastry selection is always heavenly. With 8 stores and cozy tearooms it`s the perfect place to take a short break on your leisurely tour of the high street chocolatiers.

  3.  Auer

    Rue de Rive 4

    Would have to rank Auer as a fav! Founded in 1939 at this same location on Rue de Rive it is a Genevan institution. The chocolate almond princesses are truly something incredible that everyone should taste at least once. They are the perfect amount of salt, sweet and crunch.

    Storefront of Auer swiss chocolatier Easter 2016 Geneva
    Auer Easter 2016
  4.  La Bonbonnière

    Rue de Rive 11

    The store window should not be missed at Easter. La Bonbonnière has also been at its same location on Rue de Rive since 1921 and walking through the doors you feel like you are walking back into chocolate history. The Pavé de Genève are not only absolutely divine but also a local innovation.

    Store-Front La Bonbonnière swiss chocolatier easter 2016 Geneva
    La Bonbonnière Easter 2016