• Come Fly with Me

    Come Fly with Me

    It wouldn’t be fair to say that the best thing about Geneva is how easy it is to get away, but it is certainly a plus. Geneva has an airport that offers incredible connectivity compared to other cities of its size. In 2015 the airport serviced 142 direct flights to destinations in Europe and beyond.…

  • International Geneva – Where Do We Come From?

    International Geneva – Where Do We Come From?

    Geneva is certainly a global city and 41% of the cantons residents are of foreign origin or of other nationalities. Did you know just over half of all Geneva’s foreign residents come from only 4 countries? Can you guess what they are? How does Geneva compare to other cosmopolitan cities?

  • Vive la Langue Fran├žaise

    Vive la Langue Fran├žaise

    Learning a new language is hard and humbling. If you’re taking intensive french classes 5 days a week, you might as well be back in primary school so be prepared to regress.