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5 Reasons You Need to do a Podcast

  1. Podcasts speak to peoples’ passions and listening to one is an active experience. Podcasts are often overlooked when developing a communications strategy because they lack share-ability, but 6 out of ten shared links have never even been clicked. Meanwhile according to Edison Research, 85% of listeners hear all or most of a podcast. That’s engagement.
  2. Podcasts are mobile just like us. Let’s face it. We lead busy lives and our reading time is limited. On the other hand, someone needs to do the dishes, there’s a commute to work and that hour at the gym. Suddenly you realize you have more time than you thought.
  3. Podcasts are intimate. 2/3 of them are listened to on a mobile phone or tablet, often with  tiny earbuds nestled comfortably above our lobs.  When the crew at Crooked Media tell me Blue Apron is a better way to cook, I believe them. I want Blue Apron, which sadly doesn’t deliver in Europe. Conversations open up with an easy intimacy once you take away the lights and cameras.
  4. Podcasts build a following. Intimacy builds community and community is something people can get behind and engage with.
  5. Podcasts are inexpensive to produce. It’s true. Do you have stories you’re passionate about? It’s easier than you may think. Let’s build a community. 
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